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Matt Hardy Old Enemies, New Friends

Not only is “Woken” Matt Hardy finding a kindred spirit during his “feud” with Bray Wyatt, he’s also in real life found a new friend out of an old enemy.

Hardy tweeted a picture today of him and Ed Nordholm from TNA IMPACT Wrestling and apparently they’ve buried the hatchet over the Broken gimmick issue.

Pro Wrestling 2017 Year In Review: Company Grades

Our first in a few videos recapping the year of 2017 in pro wrestling looks at various companies and grades each.

From WWE to Lucha Underground to New Japan Pro Wrestling, there were many high’s and low’s during 2017. We’ll give company grades to each and explain why in this Year in Review video.

WWE News: Ryback & Rusev Tweets, “Woken” Matt Hardy, the End of the Jinder Experiment

WWE has been very busy with the news over this past week.

From Rusev and Ryback having a Twitter beef to Matt Hardy being “Woken” to the end of the experiment known as Jinder Mahal, we’ve seen a lot in the last seven days.

Check out LoudMouth Wrestling: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_gNndwDMI7sCKEhNrXyYoA

Dolph Ziggler and the “When Are You Leaving” Question

Once again, the question about Dolph Ziggler’s future in WWE becomes an issue after a recent interview he conducted last week.

Ziggler made several revealing statements about how he feels with his current role in the company, what he looks forward to, what the issues have been in the past and the present, and what his decision would be on leaving WWE.

We discuss his shoot interview and what might be next for the Show Stealer.

Link to a sample of the interview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=W5qL-Rqgoko

Will Ospreay Leaves Twitter Over Controversial Tweet

In a rather sobering moment this weekend I discovered that one of my favorite wrestlers of the last few years, Will Ospreay, has left Twitter due to a controversial tweet he put out the other day.

Will OspreayWhile it may be smart on his part to take a step back from social media and the toxic pool it can be, one has to also wonder whether or not he should have made those comments to begin with. Were they really that bad? Was it a misunderstanding?

We’ll discuss this in our latest commentary video.

Survivor Series Thoughts / ROH vs. NXT Battle of San Antonio Update

The next week or so will be filled with events all over the world from WWE Survivor Series to the Battle of San Antonio between NXT and Ring of Honor, NXT TakeOver War Games, Starrcade, World Tag League, and many other events.

We look at the build towards Survivor Series 2017, Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, the ticket sales for ROH’s San Antonio show and NXT’s San Antonio show, and much more in this news and commentary edition of Rassslin Rantin.

Lucha Underground Season 4 Officially Greenlit

After months of speculation, the El Rey Network has officially announced that Lucha Underground has been greenlit for a 4th season.

Season 3 left many questions upon it’s season finale Ultima Lucha Tres where we saw Killshot and Dante Fox tear down the house, Johnny Mundo lose the Lucha Underground Championship to Prince Puma only for Puma to drop it to Pentagon Dark, and Vampiro being the mastermind behind it all. We also saw the apparent death of Dario Cueto.

Kenny Omega vs. Daniel Bryan In 2018?

Recently on Twitter, a conversation between Daniel Bryan and Kenny Omega got a few people wondering whether or not this match may actually happen in 2018.

With Bryan’s contract coming up, his tendency to not hold back on commenting about what he really thinks, and Omega wanting to expand NJPW as much as he can during his time there, could it be possible to see a match between the two next year?

The Curious Case of Baron Corbin’s MITB Cash In

Level Up

We look back at Tuesday’s SmackDownLIVE and the curious way in which Baron Corbin cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase against WWE Champion Jinder Mahal.

This goes deeper into questions about the booking strategy all around for the company and why it continues to look for the short con over the long haul.

News and Rumors on Paige’s Upcoming WWE Return

It’s been quite some time since we’ve seen Paige on either Monday Night RAW or Smackdown LIVE. Recent rumors point out that the anti-diva may be returning sooner than later.

Some reports have Paige coming back to the McMahon’s empire as early as the end of the month. Some suspect as well that she’ll be a surprise return for the Superstar Shakeup happening after Summer Slam.

Whenever it is, this can only be a positive thing for Paige who’s life has been in turmoil from sex tape allegations to her uneasy relationship with Alberto El Patron.