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JBL gets hot about “cry baby” internet fans’ opinions of Roman Reigns REACTION

Recently on the WWE Network, JBL had some stern words for the “internet fans” (they’re fans of the internet?) who are critical or even downright hateful towards the character of Roman Reigns in WWE.

Roman ReignsThis was aired on site from the Orlando Citrus Bowl, home of WrestleMania 33 on the WWE Network.

As a fan of WWE, pro wrestling, sports entertainment etc. who discusses wrestling news on the internet, I felt it only appropriate to respond and react to the commentary with my own.

In the words of a famous brotha “Well, allow me to retort!”.

WWE WrestleMania XXXIII Reaction

This is a quick (or it was supposed to be quick) reaction video to the aftermath of WrestleMania XXXIII.

The Undertaker retires, and Roman Reigns is the one that does it … dear lord. John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella and confirms everything The Miz said about them. AJ Styles vs. Shane McMahon and Triple H vs. Seth Rollins are fantastic highlights. The Hardy Boyz return to the WWE and much more.

We also discuss WWE fandom, booking, pacing of wrestling shows, and compare the main events of the two biggest shows of the year (there really is no comparison but we’ll try).