Russo vs. Cornette: The Good and Bad Of Their Flame War

The war of words between Jim Cornette and Vince Russo has gone on for years and years. It hit a new high (or low) this week following Cornette’s appearance on the WWE Network Show “Table for 3”.

Vince Russo responds to CornetteOn the show, Cornette bonded with former foe Eric Bischoff over their mutual dislike of Vince Russo. This triggered Russo to send an email to Vince McMahon and to comment on the issue on his podcast.

This week, Cornette responded once again by saying he’d meet Russo somewhere for a fight. Russo responded with sarcasm and suggested Cornette’s real issue is McMahon and Dixie Carter choosing him to book their shows over Cornette.

While it may be entertaining to hear these two go back and forth, it also might be contributing to the rather poisonous environment that is online pro wrestling discussion in the community.

Cornette is stuck in the 80s, Russo is stuck in the 90s, and both think the other is the scum of the earth. We examine their feud and what the good and the bad is of both of their arguments.

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