Monday Night RAW 25th Anniversary Review

After twenty-five years, WWE RAW has been one of the most popular wrestling shows on television around the world. They celebrated with a dual-cast from two venues in New York, including the Manhattan Center where it all started.

John Cena and Elias on WWE RAWWhile the first hour was a great mix of nostalgia and a few matches including The MIz regaining the IC Title from Roman Reigns, the rest of the show was marred with some redundancy and came across in general as a mess.

The Undertaker’s promo was confusing, Matt Hardy lost to Bray Wyatt in what looked like a dismissal of their feud and the Woken character, there were endless amounts of legends coming out just to wave, and a few other awkward moments.

Most disturbing is the Manhattan Center fans who paid hundreds of dollars to attend the show only to be treated two three matches, one of which was a dark match, and a couple of awkward promos. Even Jim Ross and Jerry Lawler fell asleep during the broadcast.