Jason Jordan, Kurt Angle, Talking Smack, and Other Bad Decisions

So much news coming out of WWE these days. The latest bit being the storyline of Jason Jordan being Kurt Angle‘s son and Talking Smack being canceled.

Daniel Bryan's Tweet about Talking Smack being canceledOne of the best shows that fans rave about on the WWE Network is Talking Smack, hosted by Renee Young and often featuring Daniel Bryan or Shane McMahon as co-hosts. The show is attributed with much of the reason The Miz and other stars excelled on SmackDownLIVE following the brand split. It has now been canceled as a weekly show, despite being in the top 10 of Network show viewership (contrary to the official reason given by WWE) and will now only follow pay per view shows.

On RAW, the reveal of Kurt Angle’s big secret after weeks of speculation turned out to be NOT Dixie Carter or an affair with Stephanie McMahon, but that Jason Jordan was his son. This is peculiar given the current state of sports entertainment where most fans know the truth behind performer’s real lives.

We examine both of these stories in this news and commentary video.

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