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Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho Take It Old School for WrestleKingdom 12

As we head into WrestleKingdom 12, the once thought of dream match between Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho reached another level this past weekend.

Chris Jericho at the WrestleKingdom 12 press conferenceAfter winning a six man tag match at the World Tag League event, Jericho attacked Omega busting him open with the U.S. Championship.

The following day at a press conference for WrestleKingdom 12, Omega attacked Jericho by surprise but was hit by a flying table thrown by Jericho. Afterwards, Jericho proclaimed this would be Omega’s last match in New Japan.

There’s a ton to speculate on here from Jericho’s words but we also should look at the smart booking here. Deciding to make this match a brawl, and old school brawl, instead of attempting to match or top Omega’s usual “Five Star” performances of the past year is a brilliant move by the promotion.

WWE News: Ryback & Rusev Tweets, “Woken” Matt Hardy, the End of the Jinder Experiment

WWE has been very busy with the news over this past week.

From Rusev and Ryback having a Twitter beef to Matt Hardy being “Woken” to the end of the experiment known as Jinder Mahal, we’ve seen a lot in the last seven days.

Check out LoudMouth Wrestling:

Dolph Ziggler and the “When Are You Leaving” Question

Once again, the question about Dolph Ziggler’s future in WWE becomes an issue after a recent interview he conducted last week.

Ziggler made several revealing statements about how he feels with his current role in the company, what he looks forward to, what the issues have been in the past and the present, and what his decision would be on leaving WWE.

We discuss his shoot interview and what might be next for the Show Stealer.

Link to a sample of the interview:

Tetsuya Naito Upset With Comments By Kenny Omega?

While Kenny Omega and Chris Jericho captured the imagination of western audiences and drew even greater attention to the upcoming New Japan show WrestleKingdom 12, the main event match between Kazuchika Okada and Tetsuya Naito may seem a bit underserved.

Omega’s desire to have his match with Jericho considered a double main event with Naito vs. Okada seems to have raised the ire of the leader of Los Ingobernables De Japon.

WWE Starrcade: Was WWE RIGHT In Making It A House Show?

In this video we look at all the social media uproar over WWE Starrcade not being on the WWE Network.

While it may have been short-sighted for WWE to label the event Starrcade given the current generation of fans know it as a WCW pay per view, the history of Starrcade, and Thanksgiving wrestling shows in the Mid-Atlantic area in particular, goes back way before WCW, Jim Crockett Promotions, or even the name “Starrcade” itself.

Matt Hardy: Too Late To Be Broken?

About a year or so ago, the biggest name in the genre outside of Vince McMahon’s company was “Broken” Matt Hardy.

The gimmick which saw him making elaborate videos, creating new catchphrases, using a unique accent, and showcasing various over-the-top skits and situations, captivated much of the fans who usually didn’t watch TNA IMPACT.

Fast forward to now, he’s back with the McMahons in the major leagues but is floundering in the lower midcard. What happened? Can it be fixed … or broken … and will fans even care at this point?

Will Ospreay Leaves Twitter Over Controversial Tweet

In a rather sobering moment this weekend I discovered that one of my favorite wrestlers of the last few years, Will Ospreay, has left Twitter due to a controversial tweet he put out the other day.

Will OspreayWhile it may be smart on his part to take a step back from social media and the toxic pool it can be, one has to also wonder whether or not he should have made those comments to begin with. Were they really that bad? Was it a misunderstanding?

We’ll discuss this in our latest commentary video.

Is The Term “Indie Wrestling” Misused?

Kazuchika Okada in AustraliaAlthough the term is readily used by many as really meaning “small time”, the actual word “independent” might not apply anymore to many companies that are labeled with the word “indie”.

We look at what the original indie scene was, how it’s changed over the last few decades, and whether or not the term is outdated as it relates to the changing international wrestling scene today.

Survivor Series Thoughts / ROH vs. NXT Battle of San Antonio Update

The next week or so will be filled with events all over the world from WWE Survivor Series to the Battle of San Antonio between NXT and Ring of Honor, NXT TakeOver War Games, Starrcade, World Tag League, and many other events.

We look at the build towards Survivor Series 2017, Brock Lesnar vs. AJ Styles, the ticket sales for ROH’s San Antonio show and NXT’s San Antonio show, and much more in this news and commentary edition of Rassslin Rantin.

Lucha Underground Season 4 Officially Greenlit

After months of speculation, the El Rey Network has officially announced that Lucha Underground has been greenlit for a 4th season.

Season 3 left many questions upon it’s season finale Ultima Lucha Tres where we saw Killshot and Dante Fox tear down the house, Johnny Mundo lose the Lucha Underground Championship to Prince Puma only for Puma to drop it to Pentagon Dark, and Vampiro being the mastermind behind it all. We also saw the apparent death of Dario Cueto.