10 Ways I’d Improve WWE: A Round Robin King of the Ring

The first video in this new series “10 Ways I’d Improve WWE” looks at some ideas and fantasy booking concepts that I personally would think would make WWE more interesting.

Booker T as WWE King of the RingThis first video uses an old WWE concept: stealing ideas from other companies and making them their own. In this case, merging the concept of the G1 Climax in NJPW and making the King of the Ring a round robin tournament that would feature a RAW block and a SmackDown block, with the finals being held at Summer Slam. The winner would go on to face either the WWE World Champion or the WWE Universal Champion at Survivor Series, thus giving opportunity for new feuds, dream matches, fan interaction through fantasy brackets, tying the shows together, and giving some importance to Survivor Series which has fallen off of importance over the years.

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